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Shop Christmas personalized ornaments and Maine Gifts

lobster shell ornamentsVisit Ornament Plus for the best personalized ornaments, Maine gifts, hand painted ornaments, and souvenirs featuring lobsters, blueberries, lighthouses, puffins, and more. We have the lobster shell ornament, mussel shell ornaments, and clam shell ornament, pictured here. It’s great to know that when you shop at you shop for great gifts at a store that celebrates Christmas all year long

Maine Ornament and Gifts!

A large personalized Christmas ornaments selection is found here, but you’ll also find great gifts like nutcrackers, International Santa collection, Christmas stockings, Christmas cards, Maine souvenirs and hand painted Maine ornaments. It is obvious that we celebrate all things Christmas, right down to the snowglobes and Christmas cookie mixes. Just shop online in the Christmas Gifts from Maine section and see what we mean!

Maine Saltwater TaffyIs saltwater taffy a personalized ornament?

Hah!! Ornament Plus sells salt water taffy online too and even lobster ornaments. Ever seen caroling lobster ornaments? You’ll find a personalized lobster ornament selection at and we’ll even personalize the Christmas ornaments for you, free. Our artists take great care for your personalized ornament gift! Come shop the difference at Ornament Plus in Maine!

Shop for personalized Christmas ornaments in Maine or online

Visit Ornament Plus in Bar Harbor at The Christmas Vacation Shop to shop over 5000 personalized ornaments, made in Maine gifts, hand painted ornaments, and Christmas ornament souvenirs featuring lobsters, blueberries, lighthouses, puffins, and much more for a personalzied Christmas ornament shopping experience!

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