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Offering you Pet Personalized Christmas Tree ornaments!

Pet Ornaments for your Pet Family!

Ornament Plus has a litter-sized selection of personalized pet ornaments that you’ll love. Shop online to find the perfect pet ornament to celebrate the treasures member of your family. Find personalized ornaments for every member of your family including a personalized gift for your dog or a cat ornament for the kitty. We have many different species of pets along with general personalized Christmas ornaments too. We all know that pets are the baby of the family, so maybe even a baby ornament will do?

Black Dog OrnamentCat personalized ornament

Take great care with your pet and let us take great care of personalizing your special gift. The personalized ornament artists at Ornament Plus in The Christmas Vacation Shop in Bar Harbor Maine take great care in personalizing your ornaments. We personalize according to your instructions but we can also add little paw prints, whiskers, hoofs, fishtails, bunny tails, and any other embellishment to make your personalized gift truly unique.

Personalized Dog Christmas ornaments for furry friends

You can also visit us in Maine at The Christmas Vacation Shop in Bar Harbor where you'll also find other great family gifts such as First Christmas ornaments as well as Family Ornaments!

Family Personalized Ornaments

Personalized Christmas ornaments from Ornament Plus are such a special gift to give.  With many wonderful categories and themes to choose from, you can surely find an ornament perfect for your family, whether it is family at home, at work, a sports family of any other type of family that would love a family Christmas ornament. You can read more about great personalized holiday gifts and decorations from Ornament Plus and The Christmas Vacation Shop in Bar Harbor Maine in the product articles.

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