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Christmas Ornament and Gift Links in conjunction with its flagship store in Bar Harbor Maine, The Christmas Vacation Shop, is commited to the mission of providing the very best in service, quality, price, and memories that will linger in hearts and minds. Here in Bar Harbor, you will find New England's largest in house personalized ornament selection. You will also find many other great items, including handmade and made in Maine ornaments and vacation souvenirs that are created right here in the shop.

Within the resources pages, we hope that you can find additional information to make your holidays and gift giving needs extra special. You may notice we have a bunch of free space on this page to add your local business, Christmas ideas, holiday decorations, and other great information. There are many great options for Christmas Ornaments and Gift Ideas, so please email us at!

We welcome the opportunity to exchange links: You can use the below information to to use for two exchanged links and then email Ellen at ChristmasLinks to exchange your link information. Thanks!