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  Need Personalization Tips?  Let's Help!!

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Personalized Couple Ornament How do I personalize an ornament? wants to make it easy to purchase your personalized ornaments. Use the spaces provided next to the ornament to fill in the information for your personalized gift. There is unlimited space, even though you see a small box. Just keep typing and you'll see all your information when you confirm your details at checkout!  Be sure to enter information the way you would like it to appear.  You can put notes next to the personalization, and if we have questions, we'll check with you.  Also, if you need a quick answer, try viewing 
Quick Personalization Help Box.  The box will stay open while you personalize!

Personalized Wedding Ornament
Where will the personalization appear on the ornament?

Use the Labels as a guide for where and how you would like your information to appear. Type it in the exact format you would like. (Ex: Jack & Jill) If you have a special way you would like it to look, you can enter that information when you check out. Don't worry! We will confirm details with you!

Please note that the labels are a suggested location that, depending on the length of the personalization required, may be moved to a different location on the ornament to ensure that the finished product looks great.

Personalized Baby Boy Ornament What if I would like an optional line?
Add additional name or Message if you wish! There is usually a bit of space on most ornament fronts, but if the message will not fit nicely on the front, we will add it to the back of your ornament!

What if a name is spelled incorrectly?
While we try to ascertain any misspellings and contact you to confirm of any such misspellings, please check and double check your order to ensure proper spellings. If we have made a mistake, we will replace your ornament free of charge.

Are the labels the writing style?

The labels are in typed text form and represent location and not writing style. Writing style is whimsical and each ornament is hand personalized with embellishments. Please view writing samples to see the writing style for personalized ornaments and gifts.

Personalized Snowman Family Ornament What color will the personalization be in?
Most personalization is done in black, however certain dark ornaments require us to use white or silver ink. Should you have a preference for an ink color, please email us your request. While we can not guarantee any color other than standard spectrum colors, we will do our best!

Will the ink rub off?

We use permanent oil based ink that will not rub off to ensure that your ornament will be cherished for years to come.

Do you personalize in any other way?
We do offer embellishments such as stars, hearts, flowers, dots, snowflakes, paw prints, cat whiskers, etc. if the embellishment fits the ornament. We find that it adds a special flare to your gift. Should you prefer to not have embellishments, please let us know in your checkout portion of your cart.

Personalized New Home Ornament Can I ship the ornaments to a different address?

Yes, just note it in your instructions to us when you checkout. The checkout section, also, will request your billing address and shipping address, if it will be different. For More Shipping Information

What if I have any other questions?

We are here for you. Please contact us anytime. Customer Care